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Why I Chose a Functional Medicine Doctor

You may wonder, why I chose a Functional Medicine Doctor, instead of just going to my GP. I have written this post to explain just that. I have had {what I now know were} hormonal issues since about the 8th grade, in fact, probably before if I really think about it. In grade/high school it presented as undiagnosed depression, painful (sometimes debilitating) periods, pains in my sides and painful cystic acne. In college I put on the typical “Freshman fifteen”, stress increased and the issues from grade/high school persisted. After college, add in chronic sinus infections and fertility issues with blood work indicating PCOS.

Around 2008, When my oldest was about 3 and my youngest was about 1.5 I was diagnosed with severe depression. Around 2019 my periods were getting more and more out of hand, (sorry to any men reading, next part is likely TMI) I would finish one cycle and be lucky if I had a week before another very painful, heavy cycle started.

Each time I had these issues I would talk to my medical doctors. Each time I was put on some form of medication for the major issues or given suggestions on how to try to mitigate for the minor issues. In the case of the issues with my period my regular doctor ran some standard tests. These basic tests came back within “normal” range. Rather than looking deeper I would be told, “It’s just the way things are going to be”. The GP chalked it up to being to perimenopause. So, I took things into my own hands and went to see an OB specialist. Gave him my history and we decided a hysterectomy was right for me.

So in August of 2020 I had a hysterectomy and had eliminated that issue. The problem? I’ve learned over the years that all my issues in the past are symptoms of a larger issue, hormones. By having a hysterectomy I got rid of one of the problems. However, that issue was actually just an indicator of a larger problem. My issue could have been fixed if we had focused on regulating my hormones. All the times I got a medicine, it was just a way to get rid of the “symptoms”. Yeah it fixed my initial issues (symptoms), but I have never addressed the underlying hormonal imbalance.

Over the last several years, I’ve been trying to lose weight and get in the optimal weight zone for someone my age and height. Spending money on this fitness program, working with trainers (online), Exercising on my own, trying various ways of eating, etc. Every time, I lost a bit of weight, but never could get below one particular number and the minute I tried to eat differently, all the weight came back on plus some. Why? Because I still have unbalanced hormones. (And I have no idea what I’m doing)

So why Functional Medicine? Why now? Why this particular Doctor?

Lets answer these one by one.

Why Functional Medicine?

First, what is Functional medicine? Well, it’s a holistic, science-based approach to healthcare that focuses on restoring internal balance in order to achieve optimal health. I’m tired of covering up all my symptoms, being unable to lose weight, and going through bouts of depression. I want a complete reset on my hormones. I want to work with someone who has the experience to hear my issues and know what’s TRUELY the cause.

Why now?

Frankly, I’m tired of trying to piece together fixes on my own. Tired of spending oodles of money and getting minimal from it while the people I keep giving my money to don’t really care about my successes or failures. I’m just a order that goes out. I’m tired of guessing what works. I want to know for once and for all, what my body needs for success. I personally have a hard time asking for help, because I’m the one everyone always depends on when they need help. I’ve finally realized that it may be difficult, but it’s OK for me to ask for help.

Why this particular Functional Medicine Doctor?

I stumbled upon some information for a Doctor of Functional Medicine a month or so ago and I met with him using one of his free discovery calls. I really liked speaking with him and he advised that he thought he could help me. There was no pushing (like I’ve had with other programs I’ve felt pushed into). We left the meeting with him telling me he’d love to work with me if I choose and if/when I feel ready I could schedule one of his consultation options.

When I left the meeting I searched around the internet for other Doctors of Functional Medicine. Both online or near me. However, I was fairly unimpressed with what I saw.

One of the biggest issues for me is that I need to work with someone affordable pricing. But I need to know they have the experience too since insurance doesn’t cover this type of doctor and the cost will be out of pocket. I rarely saw any pricing for the consultations or what the pricing included. Or the ability to pay in installments.

Most sites I visited did not list a price, but stated that the depends on the person’s individual needs. For me, that was worrisome due to my budget. Historically, when I haven’t seen a sort of up front estimate the people I worked with ended up being pushy and use guilt tactics to prod me to reluctantly agree to work with them. Literally using phrases and terms to make it seem that if you don’t do everything they say, you are saying you aren’t important and you aren’t worth it.

The doctor I chose had his plan pricing, right on his webpage, and the option to pay in full or in installments. There was also a cavoite that a certain blood test and any supplements were not part of the consultation plan pricing. I was fine with that cavoite, since the test and supplements were optional and only suggested if the conversations we had indicated they would be helpful or needed.

Another reason I chose my particular doctor was that he has 26 years of working in Functional Medicine. Many other’s I saw were much younger, with less experience. Since I have had bad experiences with people claiming to want to help, I was worried about getting wrapped up with someone who went into the business for the wrong reason. I didn’t want to deal with someone who just went into it because they knew it was growing in popularity and it would be a money maker for them. That may be completely wrong. However, I’ve been burned before like that. People who supposedly were going to work closely with me and then I get diddly squat for the amount of money I forked over.

Final Words

In the end I felt very comfortable with the doctor I chose as I felt comfortable with him when we spoke. I didn’t get the feeling he just was in the industry to sell more supplements and he’s got a lot of experience in this field.

Now you know why I chose a Functional Medicine Doctor and why I chose this specific one. Going forward I’ll be posting about progressing through the consultation program I purchased and what happens beyond. I feel good and I know this is going to be worth it.

Stay tuned!

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  • Kathryn Pouliot

    Good luck with this approach. I’d be interested in following along and supporting you in this journey. Best wishes, Kathy

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