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    Working With My Functional Medicine Doctor- Week 1!

    So what is it like working with a Functional Medicine Doctor? In addition to my first week break down, I’ll lay out what working together looks like so far to me. Prior to starting the first week we had an initial consultation. Part of this consultation, included letting my new doctor review my most recent blood work, if I chose and discussing what’s been going on with my body and what my goals were to be. Because I had just had my annual appointment with full work up, I gladly sent him a copy of the disappointing results. In addition to the blood work, I sent a detailed summary of…

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    Why I Chose a Functional Medicine Doctor

    You may wonder, why I chose a Functional Medicine Doctor, instead of just going to my GP. I have written this post to explain just that. I have had {what I now know were} hormonal issues since about the 8th grade, in fact, probably before if I really think about it. In grade/high school it presented as undiagnosed depression, painful (sometimes debilitating) periods, pains in my sides and painful cystic acne. In college I put on the typical “Freshman fifteen”, stress increased and the issues from grade/high school persisted. After college, add in chronic sinus infections and fertility issues with blood work indicating PCOS. Around 2008, When my oldest was…