Reevaluating and Starting New

If you’ve seen my blog in the past, you may notice all my historical content is gone.  I’ve played around with this blog for several years, but the last two have been almost non-existent.  This week I sent out a new post stating I was back and that I’d be writing more often.  This week I spent time trying to get this blog back up and running.  Because of technical difficulties I made the decision to blast the old site and start new.  For all my viewers, old and new, let me introduce myself and share a bit about my life.

About Me

I am a full-time working mother living in the Midwest with my husband and two boys.  At times, I suffer from depression and anxiety.  However, I have been working very hard to learn how to manage these diseases.  I am also, a strong believer in normalizing discussions relating to mental health.   I have a very supportive network of family and friends which has been a blessing when I need it.  My boys and I have a great relationship, but the teenage years are upon us, so I foresee interesting times ahead.  However, I continue to search for the ever elusive work-life balance.

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Family Life

As I mentioned, I have two boys. Currently, one is in sixth and one is in seventh grade. My oldest has a diagnosis relating to perfectionism and anxiety, but I’ll skip the technicalities. He is in three advanced courses and with his diagnosis, the school year is sometimes interesting. Occasionally, the stress causes his anxiety to surface and I help calm his anxiety. My second son is also in advanced classes and we know has a bit of anxiety as well. He handles things pretty well, but he also has he needs to talk too. I am very lucky that both the boys are comfortable coming to me.

We spend our summers at the ballpark with the boys playing baseball. They get their enthusiasm for the sport from their dad and have been learning about the sport since before they could talk. Summer baseball can get hectic, but every couple of years they end up in the same bracket and are drafted to the same team.  But some seasons, like this year, they are in different leagues and we either end up running every night of the week or we have two games on the same night. This is my husband and I we divide and conquer.

My husband has a very stressful job but does his best to get to all the kids’ functions even when work is busy. He is very knowledgeable with technology, which is what he likes to play around with in his free time, but he’s very handy too. He has built a murphy bed in our guest room so I could have a private place to exercise (mental health win!). Recently, he built me some sliding drawers for my kitchen cabinets.

Family Fun

We work hard and so do our boys, so we like to have fun and relax when we can.  Every year we take a family vacation that my husband plans- with our input.  Occasionally, we go on adult only trips and are lucky enough to have grandparents nearby that love spending time with the boys.  Not all fun has to be in the form of a long trip though.  We enjoy many activities as a family.

During the summers we often visit the local zoo.  We bike as a family around some local paths and also have been known to geocache together.  My youngest will sometimes do a 5K with me, though he leaves me in the dust 🙂 .We are usually on the lookout for a fun activity at a fair price.   We can usually find at least one professional baseball game to attend each year.  My parents live near a lake so we often travel up that way during the summer, especially since my oldest has taken an affinity to the sport of fishing.

In the winter, it a little more difficult, but we manage.  We ski as a family a couple of times a year.  Sometimes we go tubing too.  Science museum offers entertainment opportunities when it’s cold out as well.  This past weekend we bought walk-up tickets to the Monster Jam.  So we manage to find things to do.

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Weekend fun and activities as a family are very important to both my husband and me.  Since both of us work full-time, we consider the weekends very important to connect with our boys.  I believe this is one reason we have a pretty good relationship with them and they are comfortable talking to us about a variety of things.

Moving Forward

I’ve been known to talk a bit too much, so I think this is a great stopping point for a starting over post 🙂 .  Life is interesting and it keeps getting more interesting as the family grows up.  I look forward to sharing with my readers.  This blog is growing and developing, so I’d love to know what interests my readers.  Please let me know in the comments what subject you’d find interesting and I’ll do my best to write on them, be it related to family, current events, ect.

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