Remember Yourself

Happy Saturday!  I hope everyone is having a great day.  We’re spending our day staying warm inside watching movies.  I’ll have to get motivated to go out for a few errands later, but for now, we’re enjoying family time.

Just a reminder to everyone, for as much as we should be helping out others in their times of need and/or distress, don’t forget to also do things for you.  Having too much stress in your own life isn’t healthy and your health is important too.

I myself have made two life decisions this week and somehow after making those decisions things feel less stressful and overall I have a feeling of peace.  The first decision I made was to start TaeKwonDo again.  I had to stop in April because the kids’ baseball took up nearly every day.  I was going to start this week but forgot we had several commitments already.  Rather than stress about fitting it all in, I called the instructor and told him I’d be starting the beginning of December.  The second decision is something that I’m not going to do for several months, so at this time I’m not going to share.  However, just making the decision seems to have taken a great burden off my shoulders and has left me feeling at peace.

Have a great rest of the weekend and remember to Relax just like Purrdy!


When you try to avoid the proverbial brick wall….

Have you ever been so busy that you see the proverbial brick wall in the distance and know you are headed right for it?  If you’re like me, you probably think you can avoid it, even go around it maybe.  But then wham!  Suddenly it’s right in front of you and there’s no way to avoid it.  Not only that, but you’ve run right into it.

That’s what happened to us last week.  We’ve had a couple of busy weeks recently and had baseball almost every night for the last two weeks.  The weekends weren’t any better as we had a birthday party to prep for after baseball on Saturday and the actual party on Sunday.  Then last week most of our games were late and the kids didn’t even get to bed before 10.  Two of those game nights we had team pictures and if course the pictures overlapped the game times.  Thank goodness we have two cars, we were able to run one to pictures and bring them to their siblings game later.

I was hoping to avoid it, but Thursday I ran smack dab into that proverbial brick wall.  Exhaustion completely overtook me. I couldn’t push myself to do anything extra. (I’m a few days behind on my 30 days of fitness.)  I could barely get through work and scrape dinner together.  Even sitting through the baseball game of the evening was rough.  I always think I can avoid the brick wall that is exhaustion, but at some point my body always says, “Enough!”.

The boys had also been doing pretty good, until Thursday.  Vincent has been working so hard and keeping is emotions in check during his games (we’ve had some problems in past years), but Thursday he just couldn’t do it anymore.  He completely lost his composure and was way to hard on himself and spiraled into one of his meltdowns.  There was no stopping it.  It’s rather embarrassing at the age he is, but it comes with the territory of raising a highly emotional child…we can only continue to help guide him so he learns to manage them in a healthy way and work with his pediatrician, who says it’s a normal thing as their brains still aren’t developed all the way in certain areas.  But, to be fair, he did pretty good since he was up at 6:00 every day to get to summer camp on time and baseball kept him up past 10 all week.

Thankfully we have a lighter load this week and this past weekend we were able to relax a bit.  Saturday morning, I was able to get my meals planned and made plans to buy items for my morning smoothies, I have really missed those this past month.  Later that evening we were able to go take in the summer festival that my hometown has.  We even got to stay up for Fireworks!  Sunday we had a lazy morning for Father’s day and my birthday and then decided last minute to buy some tickets for the local baseball game.  It was a fun family day.  I didn’t get my smoothies prepped for the week, but that’s easy enough to do tonight.
Next week will be busy again, we will have a heavy load of games.  We will have games almost every day of the week since the following week is 4th of July and many families will be out of town all week.  So, wish us luck!
Mantra Monday: ‘There are no problems, only situations’
The post that preceded was intended to be put up over the weekend, but we as a family, decided to take it easy this weekend and relax and do some fun things.  That is my successful use of my mantra this week.  Not to push a deadline and stress myself out, but to take the time to enjoy the family.  I can write any day and I’m sure my audience doesn’t mind if I take a slow approach to posting sometimes.  Especially since I’m spending that time with my family.

Sometimes we need to celebrate small victories

As a working mom, with two boys who keep me busy, it’s very difficult to keep the house clean.  I constantly find myself apologizing to our guests for the mess.  I never seem to have enough time to get to everything done.  I get one room clean and by the time I have time to clean the next room the first is messy again.  It’s a battle to keep the house in the least messy state possible. 🙂  Which is why I celebrate small victories! Continue reading

Meet Chip the cat! He’s a bit quirky, but we love him anyway!

When I graduated college, I adopted a cat I named Nala.  This past June I had to put her down, she was 14 years old.  It was a sad time, but she had cancer of the mouth with a large tumor that was affecting her ability to eat and her immune system wasn’t functioning well so her overall health went downhill fast.  We knew we were eventually going to get another cat because we still had Cutie our 3-year-old orange tabby. Continue reading

Letting Our Kids Go

This past weekend my boys and I ran in a fun run 5k for a school district fundraiser.  It was the first 5k  as a family and the first the boys have ever done.  I was nervous because I was not familiar with the area where it was held, we all ran at different levels and I didn’t know how crowded it would be.  So my solution was that we needed to stick together and run at the pace of the slowest runner.  My oldest was the faster runner of the three of us.  He would run ahead then jog in place until my youngest and I caught up.  He wanted to be able to tell his gym teacher that he, “ran the whole 5k without stopping”. Continue reading