Meet Chip the cat! He’s a bit quirky, but we love him anyway!

When I graduated college, I adopted a cat I named Nala.  This past June I had to put her down, she was 14 years old.  It was a sad time, but she had cancer of the mouth with a large tumor that was affecting her ability to eat and her immune system wasn’t functioning well so her overall health went downhill fast.  We knew we were eventually going to get another cat because we still had Cutie our 3-year-old orange tabby.  Cutie needed company while we were away gone working and running around with the kids.  We knew we wouldn’t have the time to train a kitten so we wanted younger cat between 2 and 3 years old so that it would be close to Cutie’s age.  We wanted to get a cat that has been around other animals, so he/she would likely get along with Cutie too.  We also wanted the cat to be good with kids and I was hoping to get one that liked to sit with us because Nala was my cuddler and I was hoping our next cat would be too.

We always buy from the humane society and you never know when a child-friendly/pet-friendly cat will be surrendered so I thought it was going to take a while to find a cat that fit our family needs.  I started I started looking at the humane society website just a couple days after putting Nala down.  My plan was to just kind of pay attention to how often cats that fit what we were looking for come into the shelter.  But just a couple days later I saw Chip on the humane society’s site.  He was exactly what we were looking for and had just been surrendered to the facility because he was too much work for his family.  Chip was a 2-year-old, short hair, Male tabby cat.  He was absolutely adorable and I felt so bad that he was suddenly alone at the shelter unwanted by his family.  Though I’m sure I was a bit more emotional toward him because I just lost Nala.

We went to visit Chip and he was so friendly, he just wanted to be with us.  He loved the boys immediately.  So….we decided to adopt him.  Once he got to our home, his transition wasn’t easy.  Chip ended up with a nasty respiratory infection, it got so bad he wouldn’t eat.  With the help of our vet, I worked with him and nursed him back to health.  He rarely leaves my side now.  So I guess I got my cuddler!

Once he got healthy we understood why his family thought he was too much work.  He has a lot of quirks, but we’ve paid attention to why he does some of the things he does and learned how to work with it.  We’ve dubbed him our ‘special’ cat.  He’s a pain in the butt sometimes (I say this lovingly), but he’s also a lover.  We’ve learned how to deal with his quirks and now he’s only a lot of work some of the time.  🙂 Chip gives us unconditional love and adds a little variety to our lives.  He loves us so much and rarely lets us out of his sight.  He is never far from us.  We love him and wouldn’t have it any other way.

Meet our Chip!  He likes to watch the birds (yes we have cats and while lying flat on his back.  He tries to steal buttons off our shirts when we’re wearing them.  He also tries to steal necklaces, rings, and glasses while we’re still wearing them.  He seems to like shiny things, which leads me to think that he’s at least part raccoon.  But (as you’ll see below) he also likes to play fetch, so he must be part dog too!   We call him our raccoon-dog-cat.


Sometimes we catch him watching TV.

Watching TVChip

He likes to use pillows, but they don’t have to be soft.  He’ll even use my computer mouse and if I’m using it he’ll rest right on top of my hand if necessary.


Although he isn’t a pillow snob…he’ll also sleep anywhere and in any position.  He finds many places comfortable, but you may notice he prefers to nap in softer places.  He also likes to take up as much space as possible when he sleeps, just in case you didn’t notice below. 😀  Though, if he’s on the bed at night when YOU are trying to sleep…watch your toes.  If they move, Chip thinks it means you want to play.

20150717_141408 20150717_141919 20160407_173436

Chip could really care less what we do, as long as we stay near to him.  Here’s a game of ‘How much crap can we stack on the cat’.  Don’t you think he looks rather comfortable?


He absolutely loves his crinkle-catnip fish, he can’t help pushing them under the stove and then tries to retrieve them.  BUT, he always pushes them too far under. Every.Single.Time!  Even 2 seconds after I pull it out from being stuck.  We have to collect the fish every night and store them behind a closed door.  If we don’t Chip will either think 1 o’clock am is an appropriate play time in the living room next to our bedroom or decide it’s much easier to play with his fish in bed…because then he doesn’t really have to move.


And The the number 1 thing we think it weird, but entertaining?  As I mentioned above, he loves to play fetch!

What I can’t show you here is all the ‘noises’ he makes.  He’s very vocal and has a noise for many moods.  You can almost tell what he’s feeling or trying to say with all his vocal tricks.  We really do love our Chipper, quirks and all.

I’ve shared a few of Chips quirks that we love.  What pets do you have?  Do they have any quirks?  I’d love it if you’d share in the comments below.



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  1. We have 3 cats with all different personality. Hunter my daughters cat is very laid back but hates cuddles. Oreo my sisters cat is the pain.. he eats anything and everything gets on tables and counters. I could go on for hours on what he does. And my friends cat topaz is the lover. Always wants cuddles

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